KIMSDU Wellness Treatments/Services

India’s reputation in wellness treatments dates back to thousands of centuries established by saints and sages. They practiced wellness rituals to remain free from all sorts of disorders both physical and mental. The age-old therapies have re-emerged embracing modern advancements to meet the present-day wellness requirements.

Wellness therapies in India take a holistic approach taking into consideration your emotional and spiritual alignment. It believes, the body cannot be made disease-free unless the mind and soul are in harmony with it. Simply put, wellness treatments treat you in entirety.

Experiencing a relaxing wellness vacation after treatments is highly rejuvenating. With a curated lifestyle in specified wellness programs, you can achieve that soon. You go back home in a much better frame of health and mind.

Wellness resorts and retreats are widespread in India even in nearby Karad if you prefer not to travel long. Getting the choicest wellness treatments/services is easier than ever with assistance from our paneled wellness experts and medical specialists. You can pick from the most sought after wellness treatments as listed below.


It is the mother of all wellness treatments in India. Ayurvedic therapies have been one of the effective treatment modalities that aim to restore the balance of tatvas (elements) of our body. Using ingredients sourced from nature, these therapies boost your immune system and are even effective in treating chronic lifestyle ailments like diabetes, hypertension, cancer and others.  Important Ayurvedic treatments are:

  • Panchakarma
  • Shirodhara
  • Marma
  • Stress rejuvenation
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Vedic massage
  • Weight loss programs

Yoga & Meditation

The modern world has universally accepted yoga as one of the key tools to wellness. Yoga in Sanskrit means unification. In practice, it means unification of mind, body and soul. Various yoga postures practiced since ages not only keep you in the pink of health but also calms your mind preventing the invasion of stress and tension. You will get proper guidance in following the right yoga postures.

Unani Medicine

This powerful traditional medicine gifted by Greeks has been in practice in India for thousands of years. This alternative medicine focuses on the patient’s emotional, mental and physical causes of illness. It also teaches that every individual should be responsible for self well-being. The treatments mostly comprise of diet and lifestyle modification and therapies with plants, minerals and ingredients sourced from animals. Surgery is considered the last resort.


This is another traditional medicine system with roots in Tamilnadu, a state of South India. It believes in the philosophy, the disease is caused by any disturbance in the equilibrium of the three humors – Vaadham, Pittham and Kapam. It considers eight elements in diagnosis namely, the tongue, color, voice, eyes, touch, stool, urine and pulse. Siddha medicine focuses on lifestyle and diet modifications which play a major role in healing.


It is an age-old healing concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine that focuses on specific pressure points of the body. The therapist uses his palms and fingers to apply suitable pressure on those points to alleviate the symptoms. It believes applying pressure on specific points unblocks the normal flow of life energy. Some important types of acupressure include Shiatsu, Jin Shin, Sujok, Auricular Acupressure, Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), etc.


It is almost similar to Acupressure; the only thing is that the therapist uses needles on specific points of the body instead of applying pressure with hands. This form of medicine is mainly applied to treat varieties of pain but is also applicable in treating many other chronic conditions. Suchi-vaden is a well-known alternative treatment in India, which is a combined application of Ayurveda and Acupuncture.


Spa is a heavenly experience for individuals longing for relaxation and rejuvenation. It can be a great pos-treatment rejuvenating regime. Spas are ubiquitous in India offering a plethora of services tailored to individual needs. From normal massages to various types of massages, baths, sauna, scrubs, wraps, detoxification and beautification treatments, you can choose anything.


Tapping the healing power of essential oils from plants is the objective of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is applied through inhalation of aromatic fragrances or aroma massages. The special aroma of oils if inhaled or massaged has proven therapeutic benefits. Aromatherapy services are available in most spas and health clinics where oil packs, creams, diffuser and lotions are used.


Water has special healing properties but seldom do we realize it. A few sessions of hydrotherapy can make you feel the difference. Trained hydrotherapists use water in different ways. Walking or exercising in water pools, mineral baths or massage jets to treat musculoskeletal issues are some of the common forms of hydrotherapy. It is also effective in rehabilitation treatments from stroke, spondylitis and other injuries.

Herbal Treatments

Indigenous flora carries immense medicinal properties that have been applied since ages to treat any disease. Practically, there is no disease that cannot be treated by Indian herbs. Herbal treatments are applied in the form of concoctions, wraps, poultice or herbal packs. Sometimes herbs are consumed raw along with other naturally available ingredients.